Tis the season of giving thanks. Whether it’s to your family, friends, or someone you pass by on the street make expressing gratitude a part of your daily routine.

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude can make you more patient, improve your relationships, help you sleep, ease depression, prevent overeating, improve overall happiness and help you

Here are 20 ways to be thankful.

  1. Start and end each day by writing down three things you’re grateful for.

  2. Handwrite a thank you note.

  3. Say thank you more often.

  4. Treat yourself and a friend to a mani.

  5. Gift your favorite book to a stranger.

  6. Pay for someone else’s coffee.

  7. Host a wine night.

  8. Leave a generous tip.

  9. Call a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.

  10. Send someone flowers.

  11. Give someone a bear hug.

  12. Read a long bedtime story to your kids.

  13. Show yourself some gratitude.

  14. Help a friend run errands.

  15. Do something that makes you happy.

  16. Fill up someone else’s gas tank.

  17. Give your baristas some love.

  18. Your time is the greatest gift. Spend a day with someone you love.

  19. Surprise your friend with a just because gift.

  20. Share this list with the special people in your life.

This season I encourage you to celebrate all the little things that create a life full of joy! What are you grateful for?